Agency for Social Analyses (ASA)

Founded in 1994, the Agency for Social Analyses (ASA) is an independent, non-profit making, public policy oriented Think-Tank organization. The Agency has excellence in qualitative and quantitative research methods, analyses and in consultations and peer reviews on social, economic and political issues.

The ASA is specialized in social and institutional assessment, in development of social marketing programs, and also in design, conduct and analyses of qualitative research and quantitative social and political surveys on behalf of various national and international public bodies, including governmental and non-governmental organizations, trade unions, companies, foundations.

The ASA has been a full member of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) for over 17 years. Also, since 2005 the ASA has been the official national representative for Bulgaria in the European Social Survey - ESS.

The ASA has got extensive experience in all kind of survey research, implementing world standard approaches and methodologies in sampling, fieldwork, computing, analyses and presentations the results. Its research activities cover almost the whole spectrum of socio-political and ethno-cultural environment and focal points.

The Agency monitors the changes and trends of the hottest ethnic, social, moral, economic and political issues at national and cross-national perspectives. The subjects covered by work of the ASA are wide-ranging, but in the last years the main focus has been on social inequalities (gender, ethnic, generational, rural v/s urban), poverty, deprivation, social exclusion and inclusion, ethnic, national and European identities, Roma issues and anti-Roma xenophobia, labour market and employment, quality of life.

The Agency has an international board of advisors and works in cooperation and collaboration with leading Bulgarian and foreign research and computing organizations, experts, social and political scientists. The database of the ASA consists of highly complex datasets of social data, covering wide-range social, economic and political issues for the period 1993 – 2011.

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